Sunday, July 4, 2010

USS Emulator, Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 5, Part 1

In the hold of the Alien Ship (Altered scene):

Let's try a complex question from the 'Variations': What does the hold look like? Rolled: Praise/Advice... Uh? A library? A temple? Ah, so we are beamed to a temple-type area rather than a hold.
Are they going to sacrifice us? 50/50, Roll 34 = Yes. Are aliens present? Likely, Roll 59 = Yes. What do they look like (complex question again)? Rolled: Desert Good. Mmm... They are covered from head to foot in robes and wear religious symbols. Do we have our weapons? No way, Roll 30 = No. Do they have weapons? Near sure thing, Roll 42 = Yes. I'm imagining they have what look like a cross between staffs and cattle rods, and rather than rolling for that, I'll go with it.

The crew and passengers of the USS Emulator are beamed into what looks like a large temple area. It is dimly lit by glowing blue orbs on the wall. A low vocal sound, like chanting, can be heard echoing around the chamber and figures in long robes, wearing what appear to be religious symbols, are milling around, holding long staffs with the same type of blue orbs on the end. One of the aliens prods a crew member from the freighter with his staff and the poor freighter member receives a mild electric shock, which appears to be quite painful.

CB: (Loudly) What do you want with us?

Any response? Unlikely, Roll 85 = No.

We have quite a large force at our disposal, but surely they wouldn't have beamed us all together in one place if we could easily overpower them. Do the aliens outnumber us? Sure thing, Roll 35 = Yes. The crew of the freighter was about 10 and the crew of the USS Emulator is about 2d100 = 50. I got these numbers after a bit of research online. Have decided that the Emulator is a New Orleans class starship, the Galaxy had a crew complement of 430 so I halved that down and used the dice method above. I couldn't find any actual crew complement numbers online. So, there are 60 of us - so there must be at least 120 aliens, just in this room (a MASSIVE ship - thinking the size of one of those HUGE Romulan ships that seem to dwarf everything around them). I'm going to assume, because of this that this race is ship-based and not planet based (if it was planet based and could afford this many crew members then we would have heard of them by now, surely).

The Captain is ignored.

CH: (Aside) Captain, with your permission, if one of those aliens gets near again I would like to try to overpower it and gain one of their weapons.

CB: My thoughts exactly, number one. Lieutenant T'Ariara, gather all able personnel and pass on Commander Horax's plan. On my signal, we shall move in unison, each taking the alien nearest to him. Is that understood?

LT: Aye, Captain.

Mmm... how to handle combat? I can't possibly fight 60-120 battles. I will have to go on the probability of this plan succeeding. So outnumbered makes it difficult but the crew of the Emulator are the heroes and this is an action adventure. Let's decide on Unlikely (just below 50/50). So, is the plan successful? Unlikely, Roll 87 (Oops) = No. Is anyone hurt? Has to be, Roll 78 = Yes. I will assume that of the 50 crew available, about 30 could fight so I'll roll 1d30 (using an online custom dice roller) = 4. Is anyone killed? As there are 4 people injured I give it a 25% chance which translates to Very unlikely (but remember chaos factor is 6 - here goes), Roll 4 = Exceptional Yes (Oh dear, oh dear...). Is any of them a main character? 50/50, Roll 93 = No (Phew!)

At the Captain's signal about 30 crewmen and women jump out at the nearest alien to them, attempting to overthrow their captives and take their weapons. A short battle ensues but it is clear that the crew of the Emulator are no match for the mysterious aliens who promptly dispatch 4 crew members, instantly killing them. The Captain orders the immediate surrender of the Emulator crew.

How do the aliens respond? Roll, Lie/Art. I'm finding this interpretation thing difficult... What could that possibly mean? Ah ha...

Unknown Alien: (Slowly, with difficulty) We mean you no harm, creatures of I suggest you do not try something like that again. We could have destroyed you all but have left four of you dead as an example. Please take your time, you are free to wander these halls and admire our beautiful relics.

CB: Mean us no harm? You have nearly destroyed our ship, have captured our crew and have killed some of us. What do you want with us?

Complex question, Roll Triumph Illusions. I'll have a think about that one, in the meantime I must go and have some dinner.

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