Saturday, July 3, 2010

Musings on the system so far...

I'm really enjoying this!

My only idea was to command a starship in the Star Trek universe and begin with responding to a distress signal.

The combination of the Mythic system and how it sparks your imagination is invigorating. I really had, and have, no idea where this is going to lead. I didn't know the aliens would be after food or that they'd have cloaking and phasing technology.

BTW, I'm not using the Star Trek RPG rules, just the Mythic System - letting that decide on the outcome of any proposed action. Seems to work so far.

Right, let's go and rescue this freighter!


  1. I commented on Scene 3, and thought I would post this here, for you: is the URL for the "Universal NPC Emulator" which you might find useful.

  2. Thanks for your comments - please keep them coming.

    Is there one available for the Mac?

    I have just finished reading 'Variations' and there is a PC developer in there, which, I suppose I could use to flesh out the crew of the ship. I'll see how I can work that in to future scenes, although I just wanted to move the plot along to begin with and am just having fun learning how to use the system at the moment.

  3. Great stuff so far. I always thought that Mythic has a mind of his own :)