Saturday, July 3, 2010

USS Emulator, Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 2

In the Situation Room, Captain Baker, Commander Horex (Klingon Executive Officer), Lieutenant Jenks (Helmsman), Lieutenant T'Ariara (Vulcan Chief of Security (Female)), Lieutenant Vasquez (Science Officer):

Modified scene: 'I dunno' rule applied.

CB: What have you managed to find out?

Humanoid? Very likely, Roll 22 = Yes, Random Event Generated, Focus Roll 31, Introduce New NPC, Event Meaning Action: Ambush, Event Meaning Subject: Food

LV: Very little Captain. A, so far, unencountered Humanoid species. Our scans revealed some remains of humanoid bodies in a refridgerated storage area.

CH: You mean for food?

LV: Very likely, Commander.

CB: Anything else?

LV: They have cloaking and phasing technology.

CH: We already know that. Weapons?

Phasers? 50/50, Roll 59 = No. Torpedos? 50/50, Roll 34 = Yes. Quantum? 50/50, Roll 18 = Yes. More powerful? 50/50, Roll 73 = No. Less? 50/50, Roll 72 = No.

LV: They have Quantum Torpedos, similar to our technology but no phasers.

CH: So they planned to blast us out of space and retrieve our remains?

Likely, Roll 81 = Yes.

LV: That seems to have been their intent, Commander.

CB: Do we know where they came from?

Very unlikely, Roll 82 = No.

LV: We have no way of determining that, Captain. There was no warp trail to follow in the area.

CB: What about the Izar system itself? Is it inhabited?

50/50, Roll 37 = No

LV: There are no inhabited planets in the Izar system, Captain.

CH: Could the planet itself be cloaked or phased?

Very unlikely, Roll 40 = No.

LV: It would be very unlikely for that to be the case, Commander. That sort of techology would require extreme amounts of energy to maintain.

CB: Do we know where the ship is now? Or where they were headed?

Now? V. unlikely, Roll 33 = No. Headed? 50/50, Roll 2 = Exceptional Yes

The comm signal goes: 'Captain to the bridge!'

End of scene. List update: Characters: as above; Threads: non new; Chaos Factor - I just purchased the Mythic Variations supplement and the theme for this seems to be Action Adventure, so I'm going to increase the Chaos Factor to 5 and not let it go below that from now on.

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