Saturday, July 3, 2010

USS Emulator, Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 4

Captain's Log, Stardate 44085.8. The USS Emulator has responded to a distress signal from a freighter in the Deneb system. They are being held in a tractor beam by a ship that we have only just recently encountered. These aliens have not yet talked, or attacked, so although we have some theories as to their intent, we cannot be absolutely certain.

(Modified scene - again, the 'I dunno' rule applied - although I'm not entirely satisfied with that).

Ensign Shelley: We have arrived at the Deneb system, Captain.

CB: Red alert. What's the status of the freighter, Ensign?

Damaged? 50/50, Roll 2 = Exceptional Yes

ES: They have sustained heavy damage. Their hull is buckling and their life support is failing.

CB: (Over the comms) Transporter room, get a lock on the crew of the freighter and beam them aboard.

Transporter Chief: Aye, Captain. But we'll have to lower our shields.

CB: Make it so, Ensign.

ES: Aye, Captain.

Do the aliens take advantage and fire at the Emulator? Sure thing, Roll 91 = No (Wow, wasn't expecting that!)

CB: Do you have them, Chief?

Very likely, Roll 85 = Yes (just)

Transporter Chief: We have the last of them, Captain.

CB: Well done Chief. Sheilds up! Red alert. Can you get a weapon's lock on them Ensign?

From previous experience I increase the difficulty to Very unlikely, Roll 58 = No

ES: They are phasing co-ordinates as before, Captain.

CB: Get us out of tractor beam range, Ensign and open hailing frequencies.

ES: Aye, Captain.

Do we get out of the way fast enough? 50/50, Roll 100 = Exceptional No (Oh, dear!)
Do they fire on us? Sure thing, Roll 73 = Yes. Does it hit? Sure thing, Roll 14 = Exceptional Yes (Oops!)

The ship shudders from the impact of the tractor beam and a second later the crew are sent flying from the successful barrage of quantum torpedoes hitting the hull of the Emulator.

ES: Sheilds are down and we have sustained heavy damage, Captain.

CB: Get us out of here!

ES: Aye, Captain!

Do we escape? Very unlikely, Roll 32 = No.

ES: Propulsion systems have failed, Captain. We are dead in the water.

CB: Hail them!

Do they respond? Very unlikely, Roll 13 = No.

ES: No response, Captain.

I had to have a think about what the aliens would do next, not knowing much about them. I had to go on the assumption that they want us as food so I assumed they would try to beam us into their hold. Do they? Very likely, Roll 62 = Yes. Are they successful? Sure thing, Roll 79 = Yes.

Seconds later the crew and guests of the USS Emulator are beamed into the hold of the alien ship.

End of scene. List updates: Characters: Crew of the freighter, Transporter Chief; Threads - Escape the aliens, Repair the USS Emulator; Chaos Factor - utterly chaotic - moves to 6.


  1. Quote "Do they respond? Very unlikely, Roll 13 = No."

    I think the outcome should be 'Yes'.

    As it doesn't alter the scene greatly I'll leave it as it stands, although I must look out for this sort of error in future.

  2. You might want to check out my alternate fate chart in yahoo group files here

    I introduced yes but and no but results just for the rolls like yours on Do you have them, Chief? question :)