Saturday, July 3, 2010

USS Emulator, Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 1

Captain's Log, Stardate 44085.7.

The USS Emulator has responded to a distress signal in the Izar system but upon arriving at the expected co-ordinates there is no sign of the ship that is in trouble.

Captain Baker: Yellow Alert. Scan the area Mr Jenks. Any sign of them?

Odds 50/50, Chaos Rank 5, Roll 16 = Yes.

Lieutenant Jenks: I am picking up a faint signal. The ship appears to be cloaked.

CB: Hail them.

LJ: Hailing frequencies open.

CB: This is the USS Emulator. We are responding to a distress signal. Please respond.

Any response? Somewhat likely, Roll 9 = Exceptional Yes.

The ship suddenly jerks with impact.

CB: Red Alert. Status Mr Jenks.

LJ: We are caught in what appears to be a tractor beam of some kind.

CB: Shake her free Mr Jenks.

Is he successful? Unlikely (they seem to be of superior technology so far), Roll 58 = No.

LJ: I am unable to disengage the tractor beam, Captain.

CB: Can you pinpoint the ship's co-ordinates?

Likely, Roll 85 = No.

LJ: They seem to be altering co-ordinates at irregular intervals. I can't get a lock on them.

CB: Okay. Maximum reverse. Let's see if we can brake free with some force.

Unlikely, Roll 18 = Yes.

LJ: We're free Captain.

CB: Get us out of here. Maximum warp. Engage!

Do they pursue? Sure thing (it was a trap, they going to let us go?), Roll 60 = Yes. Can they keep up? Sure thing, Roll 38 = Yes.

LJ: Captain, the unknown ship is on a pursuit course and is matching our speed.

CB: Damn them! Okay, Mr Jenks, find a nebula and drop out of warp within it. Let's see if we can hide.

Can we hide? 50/50 (We don't know enough about these aliens yet), Roll 2 = Exceptional Yes.

LJ: The alien ship has continued its course and has ignored us. It is extremely unlikely that they will be able to find us now.

CB: Well done Mr Jenks. I want an analysis of any data that was collected during that encounter. Let's see what we can find out about them.

LJ: Aye, Captain.

End of scene. List maintenance: Characters: Captain Baker, Lieutenant Jenks, Unknown Aliens; Threads: Respond to distress signal - closed, Find out about aliens - new thread; Chaos factor: Although the situation was unexpected, the Captain was in control, Chaos moves to 4.

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