Saturday, July 3, 2010

USS Emulator, Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 3

On the bridge of the USS Emulator (Roll 10, unaltered scene):

Ensign Shelley: Captain, we have just received a distress call from a Freighter in the Deneb system. They are being held in a tractor beam by a ship that matches our previous encounter.

CB: Set a course for the Deneb system. Maximum warp. Engage!

ES: Aye Captain.

CH: (Aside) More food?

CB: Indeed. Seems like our foe are hungry, number one.

End of scene (I saw no point in playing the trip to the Deneb system (BTW please don't email/comment telling me that the Deneb system would take 2 weeks (or whatever) to get to - I'm just having fun!)). List: Characters: Ensign Shelley, Freighter in distress; Threads: Rescue the freighter - new; Chaos factor - remains at 5 (see previous post).

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  1. I am a fan of the concept that ships in an action/adventure setting travel "at the speed of plot." I'm pleased with what I have seen so far, though I might have expanded this scene to "develop" the characters of the bridge-crew a bit further; perhaps utilizing the data from the NPC Emulator that is also available.