Sunday, July 4, 2010

USS Emulator, Season 1, Episode 1 (Triumph Of Illusions), Scene 5, Part 2

Triumph of Illusions - mmm... sounds like a good episode title.

UA: (Speaking very slowly and with difficulty) Our prophecies tell of the Em-Yu-Late-Ore, a great ship that will help us find our home world which has been lost for thousands of years after an experiment with our cloaking technology went wrong. We have captured your ship as we believe it to be the one long prophesied. Please, you are our guests. We mean you no harm. When we have found our home world, we shall return your ship to you.

CB: Perhaps we can be of assistance? Return us to our ship and we shall do all in our power to assist you in this matter.

Is he convinced? Unlikely, Roll 34 = Yes.

UA: You would do this for us? I admit that that course of action would present us with the least difficulties. I will discuss this with the council. If it is agreed, please do not even contemplate escape. You have seen what we are capable of. You are no match for us.

A couple of the aliens come to take the bodies of the crew members away.

CH: Where are you taking them?

UA: You have no use for them anymore and we need to stock up on supplies.

CH: (In disgust) We do not eat our comrades.

UA: You do not? What then do you eat?

The Captain explains to the alien about the replicator technology. At the word replicator the alien becomes more animated.

UA: Rep-Lee-Kate-Ore. This is also spoken of by the prophets. It is said to cease all hunger and provide for the people. You will provide us with this technology.

CB: Our prime directive would not allow us to share this technology with you.

UA: Then you will all die and provide much food for us.

CB: We also have a 'council'. When we are back on board our ship we can discuss your need with them. What are your people called?

Complex question: Usurp business

UA: We are the Em-peq. In your language, the Usurpers, as we must take what we need in order to survive. You must understand that this is our nature. If your council do not agree to our demands then you will all die.

CB: Understood. May we have your leave to return to our ship with our dead crew mates and start repairs on our ship?

Em-peq Spokesperson (Previously Unknown Alien): As I said I must discuss this with our council. Wait here. Please enjoy our beautiful temple in the meantime.

The Em-peq leaves.

CB: (Aside) I think we've just managed to escape being eaten, number one.

Commander Horex growls threateningly.

End of scene. Update lists: Characters: The unknown aliens are the Em-peq (Usurpers in Federation Standard), 4 dead crew members; Threads, new: Convince Starfleet to share replicator technology or send help, Help find the Em-peq planet. Forgot to close the rescue freighter thread so I'll do that now; Chaos factor - started off pretty chaotic but the Captain managed to de-escalate the situation by the end: Move down to 5.

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